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Wedding Budget Calculator

It   finally happened

The love-of-your-life popped the question and you said, “YES!”. Now it’s time to whip out that Pinterest board and start planning your dream wedding!


Let’s be real: We know how exciting, and expensive, a wedding can be. Your wedding will likely be the largest, and priciest, party you've ever hosted. Weddings have a lot of moving parts. As you start to consider all the factors- from the venue to rentals to clothing to food and more, the excitement will be a little overshadowed as costs start adding up. 















At LeyRe PHOTOGRAPHY, we strive to not only to provide stellar photography coverage, but to support couples with tips and tricks as they plan their wedding. We want our couples to walk away from their wedding day with a beautiful gallery, but we also want them to feel good about all of their investments.

Are you recently engaged and just starting to talk wedding-budget?  A great place to start is by checking out

5 Steps To Budget Your Wedding!

Why Having a Wedding Budget Matters:

Having a wedding budget is so important. A budget sets a limit so you’re not overspending during the planning process, helps you prepare for unexpected costs, as well as prioritize your most important investments. It helps you focus on what really matters. A budget also forces you to get creative! Remember, sometimes

less really is more.


For some, talking numbers can feel a bit overwhelming. In hopes to alleviate some stress that comes with the planning and preparation that our budget-conscious couples face, we have designed an easy-to-use

Wedding Budget Calculator!

Directions for using the Wedding Budget Calculator:


Simply input your total budget for the wedding. Note: Each category is pre-set to industry standards.

Slide the scale below the category if you would like to spend more or less. 

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