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5 Must-Haves to Bring to Your Family Photo Session

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

We've had the honor to work with so many incredible families over the years, both near and far. Part of the Leyre Photography experience is making sure our families are not only getting updated photos that they love but also making sure they have fun throughout the process.

When it comes to family sessions, we've learned you can never be too prepared. We want to share 5 items to toss in the car before you head off for your next round of family photos.

** All photos are resized. Please see our portfolio for print quality images

family laying together in field looking at each other

1. Umbrella

It just happens... you're driving to your session and check the weather to make sure things are still looking clear. The forecast calls for light showers, but thankfully they're a few hours out. You get to the session, excited to finally have updated photos you love...then surprise! The shower starts early. It's helpful to bring an umbrella along for those just-in-case moments. You just never know what'll happen, especially if you live in Florida (like we do!). Plus, a clear umbrella makes for cute photos! Here's one that holds up well and that we love to use.

2. Second outfit

Speaking of surprises, it's always a good idea to bring along another outfit. If you do get caught in a sprinkle, you may be able to wait it out and then switch into dry clothes. Or maybe you bribe your kid with candy and they end up getting it all over their shirt before the session's complete. Good thing you have a backup!

Not to mention, if your session allows time for outfit changes, it's nice to have options to create diversity in your final gallery.

3. Lint roller

One of these little life-savers is a big help to bring along. No matter how hard you try, it's tough to avoid picking up lint or random odds-and-ends in the car or during the shoot. That and your photographer will thank you so much for saving them a lot of fine-detail editing time! Here is our favorite travel lint roller to keep on hand.

4. Baby wipes (or some sort of wet wipe)

Family sessions are full of laughter and spending time with those you love. But let's be honest: They're also often full of boogers and sticky fingers from snacks. Bringing along a pack of baby wipes (or wet wipes) will clean up those little messes and take care of it all so your photos are sticky-fingered-free!

5. Snacks/Water

Especially during family sessions, we want you to have some serious fun! After all, being silly or just being you really help get the best natural expressions. What's not so fun is when your Little decides family-photo-time is the perfect time to start asking for water or a snack. That isn't a problem (kids gotta eat!). The problem is when they ask and, as it turns out, you're empty-handed.

Help avoid meltdowns and alleviate stress by bringing along a bottle of water and some simple snacks to your family session, just in case anyone gets hungry. It's not easy to get genuine smiles out of somebody when they're hangry!

family in a field at bok tower gardens

We hope this helps you feel more prepared (for anything) so you can spend more time enjoying your family session than stressing over it.

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