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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

You're engaged! YAY! Congratulations! Now it's time to plan.

Planning a wedding can be a very exciting but also stressful time. Trying to think of every little detail seems almost impossible. I've included 8 Things below that are super easy to forget on your wedding day.


I can't reiterate this one ENOUGH! Having a team behind you is SO important. It can be aunts, uncles, cousins, close friends, paid planners & coordinators, or anyone you trust to help bring your vision to life. This team will help you set up and break down everything for your wedding so YOU WONT HAVE TO! Ask family and friends weeks, even months, before your wedding if they will be apart of your team. Showing them your vision ahead of time will be a huge benefit in helping your dream wedding come together. Give everyone a special assignment. That way everyone is in charge of their own assignment and they can make their job exceptional! (This also helps deviate everyone wanting to call the shots.)

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bridesmaids together before the wedding ceremony


It’s great to have a list of songs for the DJ NOT to play at your wedding. If you miss this step, you may have unwanted songs at your wedding.

girls dancing at the wedding reception


If you are going on your honeymoon destination the day after your wedding, don’t forget to pack a few days/ the week before!! MAKE A LIST. Write down everything you need to pack and keep that list by your bags so you don’t forget anything! Especially PASSPORT.

newly weds first dance


TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! Once the ceremony and main family portraits are over, put on a pair of flats or sneakers so that when dancing, the only thing that hurts is your eyes from all the crazy dancing. lol. Even as a photographer myself, I bring a second pair of shoes to get through a long wedding day.

brides shoes and wedding dress


As photographers we love golden hour. Golden Hour is the time right before sunset that gives you those extra dreamy wedding photos. (Typically 30 mins-1 hour before sunset. If you are wanting gorgeous sunset photos, it’s nice to plan your wedding day around this time. Just search Google your wedding date + when will the sun will set? If you need help figuring out what time your ceremony should start, asking your photographer is a great way to start.

newly weds holding each other during sunset holding out wedding ring


There are two things that could be easily forgotten on your wedding day. How are you getting to the ceremony (if getting ready in a separate location)? Or how are you leaving. Is the bridal party all riding in separate cars to get to the ceremony or are you hiring a limo or party bus to arrive in style?

The second thing to think about is how are you leaving? Are you guys just going to drive your own vehicle or are you hiring a limo driver or having a family friend drive you home. This is definitely something to plan, especially if alcohol is present at your wedding!

newly weds holding each other in front of an old car


When planning your wedding, don't forget to set aside tip money for all of your vendors. these are all of the people who have made your dream day come to life!:)


If your wedding is going to be outdoors, don't forget to have a Plan B! Here in Florida, the weather is as temperamental as my three year old. So when you're looking at venues, make sure to ask if there is a tent or indoor option.

newly weds kissing on pier with bridge behind them
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