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Congratulations on your growing family! The nursery is almost ready and you’re patiently waiting around for your baby’s big arrival. You can’t wait but you’re going to miss growing that precious soul inside of you. Booking a maternity shoot can allow you to hold on to those memories just a little longer! This chapter of your life is a huge whirlwind of emotions filled with joy and anticipation. It’s a journey of transformation for every parent, whether you’re a first time mom or this is your fifth. The days will feel long but the years are going to fly by so quickly, it doesn’t make sense but it’s true! That’s why the best time to book your maternity shoot is at the end of your second trimester, or the early beginning of your third. You don’t want to wait too late in your pregnancy to book your maternity session and risk your baby coming early!

If you’re not really into fine art maternity sessions though, that’s okay! We are absolutely obsessed with everything that nature has to offer! We offer a thirty minute as well as a one hour outdoor maternity session! Our thirty minute session is a great amount of time to grab some beautiful timeless images of you while you are growing a wonderful life inside of you. If you want to include your baby’s daddy or your other children, you should consider booking our one hour session! This will give us enough time to not only grab some single portraits of you but also capture the love surrounded by your family.

Dressing the rest of the family while dressing yourself can be difficult, especially with the little ones. But don’t fret, dressing them for your maternity shoot is exactly like dressing them for any other shoot. Dress in a complimentary color palette without completely matching. Solid colors will be your best friend when you’re surrounded by the different textures of nature. If mom is going to wear bright colors, the rest of the family should wear softer, neutral colors. This will give a little neutral to your pop of color! Just like our indoor maternity sessions, you are welcome to choose from our client closet. We do recommend coming in as soon as possible to try on dresses in case you decide to choose another route, though. Shipping times can fluctuate for different companies and we would hate for your dress to not show up on time! If you would like to purchase your own dress, we recommend going for something a little more dramatic rather than straight down. Booking an outdoor maternity session gives you the opportunity to be spontaneous. What makes nature slightly irritating is also part of its appeal. You just never know what’s going to happen! Plus, it’s really hard to beat the beauty of a natural setting! Especially when it comes to lighting, natural lighting is flattering and there’s plenty of sunshine here in Florida! You can really move around and have more action shots in an open space, giving you more poses, too!

Timing is important when choosing an outdoor maternity session. Just after sunrise or just before sunset is an incredible time to get photos taken. There’s a reason why the time around sunrise or sunset is referred to as ‘the golden hour’ by a lot of photographers. The light from the sun is really soft and warm around this time, giving a beautiful glow to portraits! We try to provide a luxury experience that fits all types of lifestyles and budgets. Our sessions are geared toward choosing what is best for you! And you are RADIANT! If you’re ready to book a beautiful outdoor maternity shoot, let’s get in touch!

Inquire at or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. We're looking forward to capturing your story!

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