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Central Florida Couples Photographer: Quick Tips for Having Fun During Your Engagement Session

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

It's February and love is in the air! Jordan and James were a breeze to photograph and we loved spending time getting to know this sweet couple.

We had to pop on and share a handful from their gallery, along with a few tips to use to have more FUN during your engagement session. After all, we want couples to love both their gallery AND their experience!

** All photos are resized. Please see our portfolio for print quality images

engaged couple looking at each other at bok tower gardens

1. Communicate with your photographer.

Rarely do we have a session that doesn't start with a client sharing how awkward they feel in front of the camera. We get it! At Leyre Photography, part of our job is to help you feel comfortable during your session (as well as getting you a beautiful gallery!). If you feel insecure about something in particular, or just need to express your camera-shyness out loud, communicating this to your photographer can be extremely helpful.

woman on mans back posing for camera at bok tower gardens in lake wales fl

2. Don't be afraid to get a little dirty.

By 'dirty' what we really mean is embrace the nature around you! You can add a ton of variety to your final gallery by incorporating different poses/activities during the session. Mix things up and take a few photographs walking, playing, lying beside one another, sitting on the ground, etc. If you're worried about dirt-stains, bring along a cute blanket to use and add more texture to your photographs.

engaged couple laying down in grass looking at each other

3. Be yourself!

Engagement sessions are the perfect time for couples to learn how to be themselves in front of the camera and capturing moments of this sweet season in your life. It's an exciting time to share excitement and part of your love story. During the session, focus less on "smiling perfectly for the camera" and more on just spending time with the one you love.

It's easier said than done but we tell couples to focus less on the camera and more on each other!

engaged couple kissing in doorway

For more tips and galleries of beautiful couples, don't forget to follow Leyre Photography along on Instagram and Facebook. We can't wait to connect with you there!

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