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Elopements are growing rapidly, as more people are choosing to Elope and use the money they would have used for a wedding, on a beautiful, adventurous honeymoon. Elopements are great for a number of reasons, you can choose any location without fear of someone not being able to join because of where it is, the photos you get from them are still intimate and shareable just as much as a wedding, and it creates a special, intimate ceremony with just you and the love of your life. Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Can I still do all the fun things that come with being engaged?” Absolutely! Throw that bridal shower, have that bachelors party! Everything you do leading up to your elopement is up to you, you can even hire a photographer for those events, to keep the memories of them alive!

Packing for an elopement can be difficult if you’re unsure on how you want things to go. One thing you’re NOT going to want to forget is your dress. That is a nightmare that no one wants to live out and go through. There are a couple of ways you can pack your dress; if you’re not too worried about wrinkles and can brush them out wherever you go, put it in a protective bag, one that's proof of everything. If you are worried about wrinkles, that's okay. You can always hang your dress from your bag in a doubled up garment bag– also proof of everything. Shoes are the next important thing, you don’t want to forget your shoes. Unless you’re on the beach and you plan on being barefoot then you do you, girl! No explanation is necessary for this one, pack your jewelry. You’ll want to make sure you pack a mirror along with your makeup, a mirror you’re not worried about breaking– just in case. Besides the elopement essentials, make sure you’re packing comfortable shoes, rain ponchos, extra socks, comfortable shirts and pants– maybe even a jacket depending on the location of your elopement and what season it is. For your groom, you’re going to want to make sure to go through the same procedure as you did for your dress, with his suit. Still make sure that whatever his suit, tie, etc. goes in is proof of everything. There’s no time for stress during a beautiful stress free elopement. You can't make your elopement official without your marriage license, do not forget to pack this, too! With that, bring pens! And you can't forget your vows! Buy a folder to put those things in and place them in your bag, these can be easily forgotten even though they're extremely important!

As for your photographer, make sure you're meeting with them and connecting with them. Since there is no wedding planner during this process, unless you still hire one, you'll want to make sure that your photographer has a clear picture of what your vision is for your big day– they're usually pretty great at being open to what you're looking for. If you have a favorite photographer, most photographers are open to traveling, too! That's part of the fun! Connecting with them about your timeline is also still very important, you don't want the day of your elopement to be scattered all over the place.

Get excited! Elopement is as beautiful and intimate as a wedding and this is still YOUR day!

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