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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

engaged couple embracing on a pier with the sunset in background

So, you’re planning your engagement session, HOW EXCITING?! What’s better than getting engagement photos done at one of the most beautiful places in Central Florida? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! We love getting the opportunity to photograph beautiful, timeless photos of two people coming together, sharing an intimate moment as if they’re the only two left on the whole planet! Fort de Soto is an expansive park and historic site that offers one of the most stunning beaches in Florida. And, beyond the beach, there are other treasures to discover! There are miles of scenery and sandy shorelines to discover! If you’re more of a beach girl, this location is 100% for YOU!

engaged couple embracing with ocean in background

Okay, now for another fun part in planning your engagement session. WHAT TO WEAR?! There are SO many styles to choose from, how can you just choose one? Well, maybe this will help. These choices represent the three main decisions you will have to make in regards to your outfit choices. There are no right or wrong answers! Maybe you want one outfit to be dressy and the other to be casual. Or maybe you want one outfit to be very light and neutral but you want to wear more color in the next outfit. If you’re feeling stuck and can’t seem to determine what you prefer, that’s very normal! If you want to ask us our opinion, call us up and we can help you decide. What may not seem like a big deal to everyone, it’s a big deal to us because it matters to you! Believe it or not, you have so much control over the outcome of your shoot and what it looks and feels like! What you choose to wear is a big decision that often causes a ton of stress for the engaged couple. However, we hope that you will be able to determine your style and the feel you desire for your shoot and then that will make your outfit selection so much easier and less complicated! Pinterest truly is your best friend if you’re completely lost. If you’re hoping for a more romantic style of a shoot that includes ‘bold’ and ‘moody’ colors, you can make outfit choices that will lead your images to turn out bold, softer and extra photogenic! It’s important to note that you do not need to choose everything off of pinterest in order to have a bold and vibrant style to your images and that the more yourself you and your partner are, the more romantic your session will be. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to your style. Looking up your location will allow you to color match and choose what not to wear, that may clash with your location. Fort De Soto is such a beautiful location to photograph your beautiful moments IN TIME! Fort De Soto opens everyday at 7AM and closes everyday at 7PM, unless it’s Tuesday. Tuesday, they’re open until 8:30PM which gives us the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the sun setting during your engagement session! If you’re ready to book a beautiful engagement shoot at Fort De Soto, let’s get in touch!

engaged couple laughing on a pier during sunset

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