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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

If you’re in Central Florida looking for a location to have your family session photographed, look no further! Lake Louisa State Park is located south of Clermont, Fl. It is known for showcasing a diversity of wildlife, home to 11 distinct natural plant communities and lies within the eastern boundary of the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern and the northern boundary of the Lake Wales Ridge. This is such a beautiful park with a natural, rustic vibe and we absolutely love being able to photograph family sessions here! Family sessions are a fun way to make memories and celebrate the people you love! You get to get dressed up, laugh together, get cuddles from the littles, and literally anything else you can think of while also being able to use these photos for future events and holidays. Those are the best!

When you book with Leyrē, we want you to be and feel confident in the choices you make about what you wear, how you dress and especially where we do your session at. Family sessions are unique. Some people choose to match their families from head to toe and others decide on a color scheme. Whether you choose to match or not, you’re going to look absolutely gorgeous as a family! Focus on outfits that go together that make you all feel comfortable and confident. Jeans are cool, casual, they go with everything, and can be dressed up or down! Mix and match with gray/black/white and other neutrals like light blue, cream, or add a pop of color. Lake Louisa is going to pull those colors in and give you such a beautiful warm tone. You can get a little fancy with dresses or button ups, more business casual than strictly professional. When you're booking and since it's Florida, consider the season we’re in. Burgundy looks great amongst the fall foliage, and scarves/boots can be great accessories. Shades of pink and floral dresses are great for a spring/summery feel! Greens will clash with all of the greenery around you though, that's probably one color you wouldn't want to wear. We would recommend pressing or steaming your clothes the night before. If you have pets, bring a lint brush to the session. For families with little ones, you can always arrive earlier to the session and get your kiddos changed there, just to avoid any messes on the drive over– especially if it's longer than 10 minutes. Kids are talented that way. And if it helps, you can always send photos of what your outfits look like and we can give you suggestions if you're not too sure! Bringing props can be a fun addition to the photoshoot! They can bring out your personality and tell a story. Options like hats, a bouquet of flowers, a letter-board with a fun message, or anything with significance. This is totally optional, so don’t worry about it if you just want to focus on your family. Maybe you're a family full of talent, bring your instruments and let's get creative! Having something to do during your session can be really fun and can make you feel relaxed in front of the camera, and lead to genuine reactions and we want you to be able to enjoy what you're paying for! Lake Louisa stays open until sundown, giving us the perfect opportunity to take incredibly breathtaking sunset photos of you and your family! This location offers a variety of areas to explore and be photographed in. Lake Louisa has this beautiful, open field with trees in the back and wild flowers in the surroundings. This is one of our favorite spots, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Send us a message here and let's book a spot on the calendar!

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