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We know and understand that choosing a photographer or a videographer (or both) is one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make for your wedding day– besides the venue and day itself. There’s a lot of excitement and plenty of expectations that you’re allowed to have because after all, it’s your wedding day and you’re going to be the ones looking at those photos and videos for years to come. Through this process, you’re not going to pick just anyone. You’re going to want to think through boundaries and have your expectations set! Here are some ways to choose your photographer and/or videographer!–

1 | Know your style! Finding your style can be either the easiest thing you’ve ever done or the hardest. The best way you can do this is think through a future mindset, what are you going to like in the years to come? Look beyond what’s trending on social media and what you think other people are going to like. Make a pinterest board of your favorite photography photos and look through them, if you get sick of looking at them and you’re not falling in love with them each time you do look at them, they’re probably not going to be your vibe and you need to keep looking. If the editing, their ability to capture emotions and the posing doesn't look posed, you’ll want to find a photographer that does that well and show them your pinterest board!

2 | Land on a budget! Once you have a budget set for your entire wedding, you can create a budget for each section of your wedding. Usually people spend the most on venues and photography/videography because they’re extremely important to have. The best way to do this is get in research mode. You can start by looking up local photographers that have their prices posted or even do free consults because extra research never hurts anyone! Timelines and shot list expectations are extremely important to research and gather information about while you’re checking out your local photographers plans and deals and what they have to offer. Just be ready to make big decisions with your budget and communicate to your partner what that looks like for the both of you.

3 | Thinking about lighting at the venue you choose! Assuming you’ve already chosen your venue, this will give you the best opportunity to communicate with your photographers during consults about your lighting situation. Although your photographer seems to do an incredible job, you want to work smarter and not harder so if lighting is an issue, you’ll want to make sure your photographer has the best equipment to give you the best quality photos. Lighting is the one thing that can make or break your photos. A professional photographer should be able to give you the best options about lighting situations and what the outcome is going to look like.

4 |Look beyond a gallery highlight! Being able to view the full gallery of a wedding your photographer has shot rather than what’s posted on their blogs or social media will give you a better view of what they can provide for you. You’ll want to look for the emotions, honesty, compatibility and a connection! You want to look for an indescribable experience that’ll have you trying to describe it for years.

5 | Ask the questions no one else is willing to ask! It’s not just important to know the photographer's style, it’s also important to know the way that they shoot! Ask about candid shots and directions. Does your photographer pose or stay in the shadows? Does your photographer get things done on time and follow the schedule you’ve put in place or does your photographer work spontaneously. Ask yourself what works for you, too! The experience that you have with your photographer is almost as important as the gallery you receive is.

6 | Getting clarification about the rights to your photos! Understanding the professionalism you’re paying for before signing off on a contract will help you with yourself and your photographer! You’ll want to talk about raw images, editing styles and other modifications and if there are desired images to use/not be used, it’s just a conversation to have with your photographer!

7 | Make sure you get along with your photographer! You’ll want to be able to feel like you can communicate with your photographer without feeling conflicted and passive. Look for a fun, friendly, honest, and organized photographer! Setting up that consultation with them is going to be the most helpful way to determine whether you mesh well together.

These are just some of the things that go into choosing your photographer and/or videographer. It might not even be your biggest decision and you may be more focused on your honeymoon, etc. but these can be helpful to you with other parts of your wedding planning. In the end, it’s your choice with each thing you want to be a part of your wedding day and we 100% support your decisions!

Need more info? Contact us or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. We're looking forward to capturing your story!

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