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How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Every photographer will not be a perfect match. There is no one size fits all when it comes to wedding photography. They can be out of budget, their style may not be what you are looking for, or maybe you just don't connect. The list goes on! I will give some pointers on how to choose a photographer that meets your needs.

Find one that specializes in wedding photography

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The world is full of photographers, especially in Central Florida where we are located. Not all photographers shoot weddings and some just do it as a side business. You will need to research your potential candidates to be sure they are qualified to deliver what you are looking for.

Finding an “all-in” wedding photographer comes with many benefits. Their work is consistent. You want to know what you are getting. When you hire a newbie wedding photographer you could be somewhat of an experiment. New photographers are trying to figure out their “style”. While this can be a way to get a deal on a photographer, we find too often that a couple ends up with a product that they either weren't expecting or expecting more.

Another major benefit of a photographer that specializes in weddings is that they often have a team behind them. Things happen in life. It is absolutely essential to have associate photographers or at least backup photographers that understand the business. So much planning goes into the day of the wedding and not having a photographer because of unplanned circumstances is a disaster.

Figure out your favorite style of wedding photography

Everyone has a different taste when it comes to photography. You will not like the work put out by all the photographers around you. Spend some time researching photographers and their style. Once you can narrow down a few that suits you, contact them to set up a consult.

Personalities need to mesh

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I think this goes without saying but you need to like your photographer. The relationship between a photographer and a bride is a very interactive one. You will be planning your big day together and brainstorming for the best photos. You should have several meetings with your photographer to go over the details of your wedding day so details are not missed. Be sure of your photographer before the deposit is paid!

For more tips and galleries of beautiful couples, join our facebook group. We share all sorts of helpful info pertaining to weddings and brides. We can't wait to connect with you there!

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