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When preparing for your newborn session––

1 | Prepare for feeding before and during the session at the studio, when you have a newborn, generally they need to be fed every couple of hours. a hungry baby likely won’t settle so it’s important to bring any necessary supplies and plan for a couple of feeds. Ideally it’s best to plan to feed your little one as you arrive at the studio but this isn’t always possible so, if not, don’t worry.

2 | Wear some removable layers. We have the temperature a little on the warm side in the studio, after all many of the photographs of your baby will be naked or with just a nappy so it’s important to keep them warm and comfortable. It’s not going to be crazy hot but you might not want to wear any thick layers that you can’t remove!

3 | Plan for the day. Photographing newborns can take time and sometimes we just have to wait a little while. I’d always advise not to plan anything for straight after the session as we do allow some time for things to run over a little. A fussy or unsettled baby can take longer so there’s always plenty of time for cuddles and a tea/coffee for the parents.

4 | Bring anything special with you. We have everything needed for your newborn photography session here in the studio, so you don’t need to bring a thing. with that said you are absolutely more than welcome to bring any special sentimental items you want including in your photographs. if you have something in mind then just send a message before your session to let us know and plan in advance.

5 | Don’t worry about accidents. Babies poop and it’s inevitable that a little accident will happen at some point in the session. Don’t worry though, it happens all the time.

6 | Don’t tightly fit the nappy, if you ever change the nappy and notice red marks left, we ideally want to avoid these. They can take a while to disappear even after removing the nappy so by loosely fitting before coming to the studio we can hopefully avoid them being in the photographs all together.

7 | Bring a pacifier, even if you are not giving baby one, bring it. They need to have one to soothe them into different poses. Without it, the session could actually be a bust. Some babies rely heavily on it for settling– other’s don’t even need it, but it’s good to have one just in case.

8 | A change of clothes! Bring a change of clothes for yourself and also for your husband just in case baby wets on either of you at any point during the session. It happens a lot during the parent poses.

9 | Snacks! Bring snacks and water to drink. The session is 3 hours long, if baby sleeps like a rock star it may end sooner, but it’s a long session so bring something good to munch on!

10 | Parent/sibling photos, think neutral. When choosing your outfits for your family photos with the new baby, try not to go with any busy patterns. Neutrals bring the attention to the baby where patterns are a distraction. Don't come dressed in what you will wear for photos, in case your baby has an accident before your time to shine, bring your photos clothes separate.

11 | Try to give your baby a lot of awake time before the session. Try giving him/her a bath, let him/her kick with only a diaper, tickle his/her toes, a little tummy time, etc. this awake time will ensure for those squishy, sleepy newborn pictures! This awake time can be super helpful, but again, if it doesn’t happen– don’t stress about it. If you live more than an hour away, don’t worry about keeping baby awake for the car ride. The important part is to try and give some good awake time before leaving the house.

12 | If siblings will be joining you for the session, I have books and toys for them to play with at the studio. Feel free to bring a favorite show or movie to help pass the time! If siblings will not be in the photos, we kindly ask for you not to bring them to ensure a quiet and calm environment for baby!

Send us a message here and let's book a spot on the calendar!

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