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Your photographer is going to do whatever it takes to get the best photos that you love! Even if that takes lying on the floor! Some photographers are just more determined than others and we are definitely those photographers! The best way to get the greatest photos is having you moving around, most beginning photographers spend more time on posing a position and by the time they get ‘that perfect shot’, your session time is almost up and there’s usually no wiggle room for creativity! But it doesn’t have to take perfection to get that beautiful photo of you. Getting that ‘angel’ and perfect lighting is important but it’s still possible to do that and even better to get that when you’re moving around. The greatest thing about taking photos while moving is when we look back, we’re more than likely to find the best shot we took– because you were moving around. You wouldn’t look stiff, awkward, or uncomfortable but natural. Even then, sometimes it’s better to just stay still. If we’re doing some photos in a naturally crowded area, such as a downtown area, we can get some really interesting photos of you stiff and still while everything else around you is moving at a faster pace. Especially at a wedding! One of our favorite poses to do at our weddings is where we have the bride and groom stand still in the middle of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, whether they’re staring into each other's eyes or they’re kissing each other. Then we have their bridesmaids and groomsmen walk around them, dancing and laughing and the photos come out so mesmerizing! Everything around them is a blur while they’re the center of attention, the focal point. And that’s what we want for you.

When we get up on a higher level or even lower than eye level, we can create the most interactive position for a beautiful photo. Taking photos from an unusual point of view is really what makes your photo unique and creative! We might get close, don’t feel too uncomfortable though, it’ll only take a couple of up close shots to get the perfect one we want! We’ll make sure you feel comfortable first so that you’re not just awkward the whole time. Shooting the details and not JUST the subject makes for a phenomenal photo to talk about later in the years. While life consists of small moments and events, and not just images, we will capture part of the event that tells a story, not just arrange props and create special details for your photos. You don’t have to ‘make yourself perfect’ either. When we don’t stage you, you make for very special, detailed, raw photos. You being your genuine self is actually how we get photos that YOU love! It’s all about you being yourself and having fun with a complete photoshoot. We’ll also have to examine the weather and lighting, of course. That always plays a huge role in how we take photos but you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll take care of it! If it matters to you, it matters to us too! Let’s take those photos you LOVE!

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