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Let’s get to it! Having a maternity session is a beautiful way to capture the precious moments of expecting a child. Having this type of session creates a more intimate posture and is a great way to create long lasting memories! Posing can make a HUGE difference between an okay photo and an incredible photo, especially with your bump! And posing you in flattering ways that help you embrace your bump is going to make for more meaningful photos to look back on and cherish! Our in-studio maternity sessions are elegant, custom, and timeless! If you're not quite sure what you would like to wear, DO NOT STRESS! We offer a client closet that you are more than welcome to utilize. If you don’t find anything that suits your personality, still don’t go into stress mode! You are welcome to purchase your own dress. If you think that you will never wear your maternity dress again, leave it with us and we will give you a print credit, it's a perfect win-win situation!

We offer a thirty minute or one hour in-studio maternity session. Our thirty minute session is a great amount of time for you to rock one setup! Our one hour setup is better for those of you that live a little bit of a dramatic lifestyle (we like dramatic!), this session includes two to three setups! Now that we’ve gone over that, here are a few of our favorite poses! We want to get the best shots of you and that starts by focusing on that perfect baby bump! We’ll place you at an angle allowing us to focus more on the bump and its perfect shape, this is especially helpful when the bump is still tiny. Having you rub her belly in different ways– up, down, side to side, whatever it may be and smiling down at your baby while thinking of that first kick or finally getting to meet your baby will give us more genuine natural expressions and emotions while capturing that perfect shot! While you’re holding your belly, we’ll have you look down at your feet by sticking your neck out and down a little more, this will prevent any double-chin action, we all know it happens but we have the secret to preventing it! While you’re facing the camera, we’ll have you cross one of your legs. This will add more focus on the bump more than if you were to be straight-legged and just standing there. If you have a flowing dress on, we’ll make it look like it's flowing in real life With our second photographer taking the end of your dress and making it flow, we can quickly edit whatever needs to be taken out, out and you have the most epic flowing pinterest worthy image! Interaction is everything! While directing you, we will also keep you moving, talking, and laughing. When you let your guard down and really begin to enjoy the session is when we’re able to get more natural and beautiful images. Let’s involve your other half, too! Having a tender touch can keep a connection going and help to make what seems stressful and exhausting, so much more peaceful. A dip and spin can seem scary but with two, it’s a safe dip and twirl for a sweet series of shots! We want to find ways to flatter your body, pregnant bodies are beautiful! We also want to capture your vision, too! Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll create that vision into reality! We try to provide a luxurious experience that fits all types of lifestyles and budgets. Our sessions and poses are geared toward choosing what is best for YOU! Now, we know not every pose is for everyone, and we understand that everyone is different so we’ll be sure to ask if you’re comfortable getting into any position before putting you into an awkward situation. And we’re going to have so much FUN!

Send us a message here and let's book a spot on the calendar!

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