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Bok Tower Gardens is one of those beautiful locations in Central Florida. They offer a wide range of areas to cover while you’re visiting and it is absolutely gorgeous to plan your maternity shoot here. Bok Tower has their tower, gardens, hammock hollow, nature trails, along with many different activities. If you’re looking for something calm, nurturing and natural, Bok Tower is 100% the best option!

We are absolutely obsessed with everything that nature has to offer! We offer a thirty minute as well as a one hour outdoor maternity session! Our thirty minute session is a great amount of time to grab some beautiful timeless images of you while you are growing a wonderful life inside of you. If you want to include your baby’s daddy or your other kiddos, you should consider booking our one hour session! This will give us enough time to not only grab some single portraits of you but also capture the love surrounded by your family! Each time anyone is thinking about booking us for their maternity sessions, we always want to include the option of looking at the client closet, you are welcome to utilize it. If you don't find anything that suits your personality, of course, you are welcome to purchase your own dress AND if you decide you don’t want to keep that dress afterwards, you can give it to us and we’ll give you credit for it! It truly is a win-win situation. We want you to feel comfortable, confident and love showing off your baby bump! Bok Tower does have restrooms where you can change into your dress, too, if you’re traveling a little bit further than normal and don’t want to risk wrinkling your dress or getting anything on it! Especially if you’re wanting photos with the family, maybe you have a little one. We all know that littles are so talented and can get dirty five seconds down the road from the house. You shouldn’t have to worry about bringing another outfit for them, just in case. Go ahead and pack them in the car with their jammies and get them dressed on location! Trust me, it’s so much easier that way.

Timing is important when choosing an outdoor maternity session. Just after sunrise or just before sunset is an incredible time to get photos taken. There’s a reason why the time around sunrise or sunset is referred to as ‘the golden hour’ by a lot of photographers. The light from the sun is really soft and warm around this time, giving a beautiful glow to portraits! We try to provide a luxury experience that fits all types of lifestyles and budgets. Our sessions are geared toward choosing what is best for you! And you are RADIANT! Bok Tower opens everyday at 8AM and inside, it closes at 6PM but we can still take photos outside of its gates and still get that beautiful nature look if that's what you choose.

If you’re ready to book a beautiful outdoor maternity shoot at Bok Tower, let’s get in touch!

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