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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

We are so excited to share this Lake Louisa Maternity session with you! If you’re in Central Florida looking for a location to have your maternity session photographed, look no further! Lake Louisa State Park is located south of Clermont, Fl! It’s known for showcasing a diversity of wildlife, and home to 11 distinct natural plant communities and lies within the eastern boundary of the Green Swamp Area of Critical State Concern and the northern boundary of the Lake Wales Ridge. This is such a beautiful park with a natural, rustic vibe, especially the Lake and we absolutely love being able to photograph sessions here! Lake Louisa opens at 8AM everyday until sundown, 365 days a year. It is absolutely the perfect place to take photos of your beautiful baby bump and escape into nature! Hear us out, you’re counting down the days until your little one makes their grand entrance into the world.

Depending on how you feel, you’re probably wondering if taking maternity photos are even worth it, but trust me they 100% are! Celebrate your pregnancy journey! Pregnancy may not be the biggest phase in your life that you enjoy but you will look back on it and wish you could get just one more bump picture. We understand that as your body keeps growing that joy inside of you, you may get a little self conscious. It can be challenging but it’ll be worth it in the end. A maternity session allows you to focus on all of the excitement that comes with bringing your baby into the world and you get to hold on to that memory for years to come! You can never have too many photos of your family, whether this is your first baby or your fifth, your pregnancy is a beautiful time to take photos of you and your family, especially when you have other littles! A professional maternity session can be an incredible way to even announce the gender of your baby or even their name! Scrolling through Pinterest and creating THAT board of different gender reveals during maternity session photoshoots can give you ideas to think about before deciding what you really want to do, too. We love a good Pinterest board! Having a maternity session allows you to get dressed up for no other reason than to be cute and show off that beautiful bump of yours! You are stunning! You are glowing! You are growing another human being inside of you! That’s incredible and you should feel good and gorgeous about it! Although, most women don’t feel too beautiful. So this is an excuse to feel AND look beautiful again because YOU are absolutely stunning! We always offer our client closet when you’re deciding what to wear to your maternity session as well, and if you decide that nothing fits your vibe and you buy a dress that you don’t think you’ll ever wear again, we’ll give you credit for it and we’ll hang it in our client closet for future clients! Maternity sessions at Lake Louisa are beautiful enough to display! A lot of people hang up their wedding photos on the walls of their homes, but can you imagine having photos of your beautiful baby bump displayed on the walls of your nursery? What about photos of every stage of your family's growth? From marriage all the way to your baby being born to even you becoming a grandparent one day– Maternity photos capture a moment in time that are just as important as your wedding day. You’re beginning to welcome a new little one to the world and into your lives and into your home. That’s a really big deal! And it’s a moment that deserves so much attention! If you’re ready to book a beautiful maternity shoot at Lake Louisa, let’s get in touch!

Send us a message here and let's book a spot on the calendar!

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