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Updated: Aug 16, 2022

There’s nothing we adore more than a sweet newborn. With their little yawns and big stretches! It can go by so fast– with a blink of an eye, they’re two years old running around causing chaos. Newborn photography sessions are so important because it’s the only way you can have control over time, by taking photos you get to freeze those moments and lock them in your heart forever. You can create a gallery in your home of your precious newborn baby or simply have the photos to send to friends and family to share this memory. Day’s can feel so long and years feel so short. As your newborn grows, the photos you’ve gotten taken become so much more sentimental and important. These photos become a part of your heritage and can be passed down from generation to generation.

At first, you may be looking on pinterest and other sources for ideas on what you want at your newborn shoot and you may be thinking how simple it is to take a photo of a newborn, I mean, they don’t really move that much, do they? The reality is, you will want a professional to take photos of your newborn. Having someone that doesn’t know too much about newborns can irritate your baby. Newborn photography isn’t for every photographer. You want to make sure your baby is comfortable throughout the shoot. There’s a lot of time and patience that goes into shoots like this. Maybe your baby isn’t staying asleep or has a tummy ache. These are important things to patiently take into consideration, newborn shoots aren’t for everyone. Basically, newborn photographers are photographers that are focused on taking photos of newborns, usually less than two weeks old, and are trained, experienced professionals. They devote themselves to safely wrapping your baby, giving just enough lighting to not affect your newborn, posing that isn’t uncomfortable or irritable, and soothing your newborn– making the experience overall perfect! When looking at a photo of a newborn sleeping at first, it might seem simple and just a cute baby. But it really does take time to perfect your newborn session. You have to understand the safety of a newborn shoot, it’s not just a pose and click. Safety is always number one when taking photos of a newborn. Knowing how to properly soothe, handle and support the newborn baby should be your biggest requirement when choosing your photographer for your newborn session. There are a couple of different styles in newborn photoshoots, posed and lifestyle. Posed newborn photos are more focused and centered on portraits of your baby in a studio setting. The studio will have options on what lights you’ll be able to choose from, whether that be bright lighting or natural lighting. Accessories, backdrops, greenery, etc. whatever you can think of or have on your pinterest board, we want to make come to life for you! The purpose is to make your baby look adorable and perfect in a classic sleeping newborn pose. There are plenty of poses to go through– the womb pose where your baby is positioned with their feet crossed over and curled beneath them while a hand is tucked under their cheek. There’s the butt up pose, where your baby's feet are crossed and they’re laying on their tummy with their head slightly turned, usually this is the most comfortable pose for them. We can try the perfect hands under their chin while they’re laying on their tummy, it’s just one way to focus on your baby’s precious face. Another great pose is lying your baby on their side, although it can be the most challenging shot to get, it’s another way to focus on your baby’s face and little body. With all of these poses comes so many options when choosing props! You can choose from round bowls/nests, rectangle crates, buckets, a bed or even a rug. We can work with whatever we have or whatever you bring! Having a lifestyle photoshoot for your newborns is more of an informal and candid photoshoot. This will give off a more casual feeling. What we use will be more aligned with your nursery and your home. We’ll still guide your baby in different poses, in the natural lighting of your home. You can also have an outdoor photoshoot with your newborn, although it’s more uncommon to do so. It’s all up to you and what you’re most comfortable with for your newborn baby!

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