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We absolutely LOVE maternity and newborn photoshoots!

There is nothing cuter than a baby bump! You should show yours off as long as you can but there’s no rule about not keeping the memory alive! Those nine months are going to come and pass in a blink of an eye! There are some mothers that miss their baby bumps and there have been some that could not wait for their pregnancy journey to be over! Being pregnant is when you begin to build a relationship and a tight bond with your baby. Documenting this special moment with a maternity session is such a perfect way to hold on to being pregnant for just a little bit longer. One of the great things about a maternity shoot is that it won’t be rescheduled due to weather! Studio maternity sessions are absolutely beautiful so if it does rain with a planned outdoor session, indoor studio is always an option! Most women get their maternity photoshoot done around 31-35 weeks! If you have other kiddos, they can come too! There is something so beautiful about one of your babies holding on to your baby bump or giving your baby bump a kiss. Something that’s important to us is your comfortability, from the temperature of the room all the way to your privacy! Maternity portraits are an incredible and intimate session. This is your chance to let your guard down and celebrate the miracle that is pregnancy! In the studio sessions offer comfort and privacy so that you don’t have to worry about anyone or anything else during your photoshoot besides looking absolutely incredible and glowing! You also don’t have to worry about finding a restroom or a bottle of water, in the studio we have all of that covered for YOU! You shouldn’t have to worry about rushing through anything, take your time and breathe. You got this, mama! The safety of you is our priority. Things can get chaotic during a maternity shoot if you’re in the middle of a wooded area or you’re in the midst of people. You shouldn’t have to walk far to get that gorgeous shot!

You should most definitely book your newborn session before your baby is born! This gives you space and time to talk to your photographer and get all the details worked out before the day officially comes! The best age for booking your newborn shoot is around two weeks old, so if you are booking early, book around the estimated due date of your newborn! They’re still in that groggy stage, making it easier to pose them and place them in different positions, not making it too uncomfortable for them for a long period of time! If you’re worried about something happening outside of your home and don’t think you want to do an in the studio shoot, that’s okay. We can come to your home! That’s what adjustable lighting and backdrops are for! If your newborn won’t sleep or stay asleep during the session, we can give you a moment with them to do some feeding and see if that helps, if it doesn’t, we’ll work with what we have and still make your baby as beautiful as ever. Not many mothers and fathers involve themselves in the newborn shoot but it is an option. Those photos are one of the most beautiful moments to look back on, you and your hubby staring and holding your newborn, in awe of what’s directly in front of you! These photos make for such sweet gifts to your loved ones, too!

We want you to relax, during your maternity session and during your newborn session. As your photographer, we have everything for that day covered. Need an extra minute to get changed? Have to change the baby? We got you, take your time and don’t feel like you have to rush yourself! This is a special memory you’ll want to cherish while it’s happening and for time to come!

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