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Maybe you’re starting a business or applying for THAT job, don’t worry– we got you covered! Taking professional photographs AND casual photographs for your business or resume shows your customers or future employer that you're a business professional but you’re still fun!

When preparing for a shoot like this, we suggest making sure you know what to expect from your photographer. Creating a pinterest board full of different appearances that you’re interested in and showing them to your photographer will help you figure out what style they are and what style you prefer. While preparing for a shoot can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. More often than not, your photographer is going to give you incredible tips, bring things to the shoot that they believe would look perfect on you or will be perfect for you and if not, that’s totally okay too. Not everyone uses props in their photoshoots and they still turn out beautiful.

Your photographer is there to help you make decisions like choosing your outfit, choosing your makeup and hair style, and what to bring as far as props! If you’re doing a fall portrait shoot, we recommend wearing something more fall based: oranges, yellows, reds. If you’re doing a winter portrait shoot, we recommend wearing something more cool: blues, whites, pastel colors. If you’re doing a spring portrait shoot, we recommend wearing something more warm toned: reds, greens, blacks. If you’re doing a summer portrait shoot, we recommend wearing something more bright: reds, yellows, oranges. You don’t necessarily have to stray away from prints such as florals but we would stray away from band t-shirts or logo designs. They don’t always make for great professional photos. And if in doubt, you can always choose a more neutral nude color, those colors go with just about everything and are extremely professional!

Keep in mind the weather while you’re choosing your outfit, we would hate for it to be 90 degrees out while you’re wearing a cute long sleeve and you have your makeup and hair done so beautifully– but it’s so hot you start sweating it off! Living in Florida, everything revolves around the weather, what you should wear, how you should do your hair, how much makeup you’re actually going to put on. And the reality of it is, photoshop exists so if you do sweat a little bit, don’t sweat it– we got you covered!

Having a unique professional portrait is essential, trust us! What you should look for in a photographer is someone who is trustworthy, approachable and professional. You want your headshots to leave an impression on you and your photographer should also want your headshots to leave an impression on you! Once you’re on the same level with your photographer about what you’re looking for, it’s smooth sailing from there. This does not have to be stressful or another thing you have to check off on your ‘to do list’. Finding someone who is encouraging and incredible at photography isn't difficult to find– look for the person who is going to make you feel comfortable and you are genuinely okay laughing and joking around with while also getting THE SHOT. Your location is 100% your choice! But you also have the choice of allowing your photographer to choose where you'd like your photoshoot done! Most portrait sessions are done in the studio but you can find some beautiful, clean backdrops outside as well!

One of the most important things to your photographer is your confidence and comfort. We are never going to put you into a situation you're not comfortable with, especially a pose or position in front of the camera. Your opinion and your take on things matters more to us than what we had in our original vision if it makes you more comfortable!

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