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100% YES, girl, hire that wedding planner! I promise we're not just going to tell you that and leave it at that– Here's why you should hire a wedding planner!

Planning your own wedding is extremely incredible and very admirable but for some people, it sounds the least ideal. It can be overwhelming while also trying to find a dress, a venue, makeup artist, photographer, etc. Maybe you have the time but are obligated to do other things and planning your wedding keeps getting pushed back. There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help OR hiring a wedding planner. In fact, we highly suggest it! Hiring a wedding planner could turn your beautiful day into something even better than what you had imagined possible! There are so many great things about hiring someone else to coordinate your wedding day and someone to be by your side every step of the way while you're planning your wedding! Here's where your wedding planner can find incredible balance between all of your expectations: beauty, design, and personal expression between both you and your partner. Your wedding planner will guide you through the things you want and the things you like. You start to collect items and create Pinterest boards of your favorite images and things around you. Your favorite color and textures, locations, clothing, rings, etc. All of this shows who you are and gives your wedding planner a better idea of how to create the most beautiful day for you and your other half. Events are to be expressed through personalities that are authentic, beautiful, wonderful and meaningful. Honestly though, before you start anything, you should hire a wedding planner. They're going to be able to guide you to wedding dress shops, tux shops, flower shops, venues, photographers, videographers, literally whatever it may be. A great wedding planner will not only help you check off the things on your list, they're also going to take the time to truly get to know who you and your fiancé are.

Trust your creative team through the process. They know what they're doing. But don't forget that you're allowed to disagree and speak up when you're not too sure of the why because you deserve to know the why.

Managing your budget can be difficult but when you hire a wedding planner, they can help you create that budget and figure out what the most important thing is that you're willing to spend a little more money on. Some people choose decor, some people choose photographers. Wedding planners are also problem solving pros. A professional wedding planner is someone who can objectively make quick decisions on things that need to be made and they can develop unique situations based on their years of experience. But you also don't have to hire a full time wedding planner. You can hire part service planners. Work with the wedding planner on budget and design, to start you off and if you choose to go the other route and plan the rest yourself, that's still less stressful than having done everything on your own.

Hire that wedding planner. Create that boom budget. Get that beautiful dress!

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