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So You've Found Your Dream Wedding Photographer...Here's What You Need To Do Next!

A big part of planning your dream wedding day is hiring a photographer to capture lasting memories of it for you. If you've recently gotten engaged, chances are friends or family with wedding planning experience have encouraged you to start looking for a wedding photographer ASPA. And they're not wrong! When it comes to booking your wedding photographer, you don't want to drag your feet.

Once you've found the one- the photographer you want to photograph your wedding day- we don't want you to miss your chance to work with them. Take it from us. We know how hard it can be to search high and low for someone whose work you love, only to find they're unavailable for your date. Nothing makes us sadder than having to say, "We are sorry but we're unavailable on your date" to a bride. That's actually why we now have a team of talented associates to help us provide the Leyre Experience to more couples! Below are a few tips to use as soon as you've found the wedding photographer of your dreams!


Email, DM, or call them ASAP! Most wedding photographers get booked out a year+ in advance. If you're set on this particular photographer, don't waste another minute and go ahead and reach out to them to confirm they have your date available. More than likely, the photographer will have a contact form on their website. ASK TO SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION It's one thing if you love their work; it's another if you love their personality! Once you know the photographer has your date available, there's no harm in asking to schedule a consultation or phone/virtual call. This is a great time to ask questions about the booking process, talk about engagement photos, and get a feel for what it will be like working with the photographer.

ASK ABOUT BUDGET AND PACKAGE OPTIONS Photographers usually have different wedding coverage packages to meet the needs of the majority of their couples. Don't forget to discuss the budget you have and how much you plan to spend on photography, ask if they charge an hourly rate or have set packages.

PAY YOUR DEPOSIT It's common for photographers to require a deposit upon booking. This deposit both reserves your wedding date on their schedule and lets the photographer know you're serious. At Leyre Photography, an initial deposit guarantees a couple's date on our calendar. This means we won't book another event overlapping your same date and time. You take priority!

We wanted to make sure, that if you're shopping around for a wedding photographer, you have the best chance possible at working with them! After you've reached out and confirmed availability, had a consultation, discussed budget/pricing, and paid your deposit, you should be good to go! Wedding day and beautiful pictures- here we come!

Interested in having LeyrePhotography capture your wedding day? Visit our contact page here and let's chat! Already started wedding planning and need some help determining your budget for different things? Check out our wedding budget calculator!

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