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Two Common Things Brides Forget For Their Wedding

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Wedding planning can be a complex and overwhelming process, and it's not uncommon for brides (and couples in general) to overlook certain details. Here are two common things that are sometimes forgotten during the wedding planning process:

  1. Timeline and Day-of Coordination: Creating a detailed timeline for the wedding day is crucial for ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Brides sometimes forget to plan for the little details, such as transportation timing, photo sessions, and any potential downtime between the ceremony and reception. Hiring a day-of coordinator or entrusting a responsible friend or family member to manage the timeline can help avoid last-minute stress and ensure that everything stays on track.

  2. Weather Contingency Plans: For outdoor weddings, brides may forget to plan for unexpected weather conditions. It's essential to have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme temperatures. This could involve renting a tent, securing an indoor venue option, or providing umbrellas for guests. Always have a weather contingency plan in place to avoid any disruptions to your special day.

Remember, every wedding is unique, and couples may have different priorities and concerns. Creating a comprehensive checklist and staying organized can help ensure that no crucial details are overlooked during the wedding planning process.

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