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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know what to wear for your engagement shoot, let alone what your other half should wear– you are not alone. These photos will appear on everything from your save the dates all the way to your walls in your first home together. It’s extremely important to put together looks that feel like you and fit who you both are as a couple. Here are some things that will help you choose what to wear, before you go out to shop:

engaged couple dancing in field during sunset

Make sure you wear clothes that make you feel like you. This is probably not the best time to try on a Pinterest outfit that’s been pinned for a few years now. If you both are very casual, this is also not the time to pull out a dramatic ball gown and full tux. You should feel confident and comfortable in what you wear, especially with your engagement photos.

Now, although we want you to feel comfortable, we also want you to look your best. So maybe a ball gown isn’t for you but you also don’t have to dress yourself down in a t-shirt and straight legged pants. You can go for the baller mood and wear a boss girl suit! Wardrobe choices outside of your normal day to day and going to make you feel more awkward and uncomfortable than you actually are. The best way to choose both you and your other halves outfit is to complement each other, but don’t match. You want to stay away from things that are too busy and distracting to photos while also still having your individuality as well. One of our favorite outfit colors are neutrals, we’re in central Florida so neutrals go with just about everything, anywhere. Or if you’re into pastels, that with a bunch of greenery around you would be absolutely beautiful! Neons are not the way to go, though they can be beautiful if you were going for a disco shoot but during your beautiful outside engagement session– we’d stick to a more pastel, cool or neutral tone.

engaged couple kissing in a field during sunset

Of course it’s your engagement shoot and we’re only here for suggestions but hear us out. Go for the classic look rather than what’s trending right now. We recommend finding a look for you and your other half that will remain timeless, rather than something that’s trending in the fashion magazines or Pinterest boards that’ll change in two months or go out of date quickly. You don’t photos you’ll look back on and regret. But looking at throwbacks isn’t a bad idea. Check out some outfits that you’ve worn in the past with your person. Maybe you had a date night at a beautiful restaurant and got dressed up for it. Or maybe you had a wedding to attend to and you both looked absolutely gorgeous. Knowing what you’ve looked like in something in the past can help you determine what to wear for this shoot that is YOU and comfortable! You don’t have to take the exact item of clothing from those photos and wear the same thing, you can absolutely just take aspects and qualities from them that made you both feel your best, because that’s what’s going to matter the most.

Now, you’ll have to think about the weather while getting your engagement photos done. Although it’s central Florida and it’s overall hot, it does rain and it does get cold, not often and not for very long but it does indeed. Thankfully the weather is pretty consistent so you’ll have a better gauge on what to wear, when to do them and where to do them! Remember, this day is supposed to be special, not stressful. Take advantage of your photographer's help and ask questions while you’re preparing this beautiful moment!

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