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Vendor Spotlight: Southern Grace Venue

For this week's spotlight, we wanted to share a little about Southern Grace!

Looking for the perfect venue for your Southern-style wedding? Want a venue that will go above and beyond to make sure you have your dream wedding day? Look no further. We wanted to give you the chance to get to know a little about Southern Grace here!

If you're looking for a venue with touches of rustic elegance and charm, here it is! Located on a 250-acre ranch in Lithia, Florida, Southern Grace is an award-winning authentic barn estate wedding venue that offers all-inclusive services and an array of beautiful spaces for couples to choose from. Between natural meadows, a spacious rustic barn, pavilions, an old-time General Store, and more, you're sure to have plenty of stunning areas for wedding-day portraits!

Whether planning an intimate or elaborate event, couples and their families can be confident that their wedding event is in good hands. The team at Southern Grace is dedicated to ensuring to doing what they can to help couples enjoy their long-anticipated wedding day.

Whenever we've had the opportunity to work with this venue, we've been thrilled with how pleasant the staff was to work with. And trust us, having solid vendors helps your event run smoothly! The owners are kind and caring; it's obvious how much heart and soul goes into their venue. We're excited to share a little more with you here!

Photo by Leyre Photography


Leyre Photography: Tell us a little about the venue. When it was established? Southern Grace: The property has been in our family for over 100+yrs and we’ve been hosting weddings since 2008.

Leyre Photography: Could you describe the style and overall vibe/feel of the venue?

Southern Grace: Our style is all things Southern! We’re a group of ladies who love our Southern roots but also do not mind incorporating any type of style that our wonderful brides want to throw in!

Leyre Photography: What kind of brides/grooms do you think you appeal to?

Southern Grace: We appeal to all types of people! Leyre Photography: What are a few things that are must-knows for Brides and Grooms looking at your venue? What makes it unique? Southern Grace: We are unique because we are a family-run venue. This property has been passed down through generations and means so much to us because it’s been in the family for so long. Most of us girls have also gotten married on the grounds so we share a sentimental connection with it and our wonderful brides and grooms!

Photos by Leyre Photography


Leyre Photography: What is the venue capacity? Is the venue (ceremony and reception areas included) wheelchair accessible?

Southern Grace: We can host weddings with up to 150 guests. Yes! The venue space is wheelchair accessible. Leyre Photography: Are there rooms or areas for couples to get ready in on wedding day? Southern Grace: We offer our Old-time General Store for our grooms to get ready in. The general store opens 3 hrs before ceremony time ensuring the groom and his groomsmen have plenty of time to hang out and get ready. Our beautiful elegant bridal suite is tucked away in the oaks away from the hustle and bustle of the day. This gives the bride a nice little quiet area where her main focus is just on enjoying herself before her big day!

Leyre Photography: Do you have an in-house caterer? Southern Grace: We do have an inclusive caterer that is included in your wedding package

Leyre Photography: Is there a designated smoking area?

Southern Grace: Yes, there is.

Photos by Leyre Photography


Leyre Photography: What are important qualities you think a couple should look for when searching for the right venue? Southern Grace: Couples want to consider how the staff at a venue is. After all, these are going to be the people that you are trusting the most important day of your life with. Make sure they have your best interest at heart Leyre Photography: What’s one or two tips you have for newly-engaged couples as they start to plan for their big day? Southern Grace: Breath and try not to stress the small stuff! The most important thing about that day is the vows shared between you and your significant other!

Leyre Photography: What is your favorite wedding-day moment?

Southern Grace: When the bride walks into the chapel for the first time. Nothing can compare to that moment when the groom gets to see his bride for the first time. Leyre Photography: What are some stand-out or memorable moments from previous weddings/events?

Southern Grace: Every wedding to us is so special and stands out! Our brides and grooms always leave feeling like family! We love to keep up with them and watch their love grow. We have truly been blessed with the sweetest couples who have touched our lives more than they know.


Leyre Photography: Where can couples find out more information about your venue and additional services? Southern Grace: We are on Facebook and have just launched our new website:

Photo by Leyre Photography

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