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First, let’s talk about what we’re passionate about. We LOVE what we get to do. Our passion is reflected in our work and in the relationships we build with our clients. We have been an established business since 2016, in service, licensed and insured! And we are guaranteed to have fun! If you’re not smiling, or even laughing, we aren’t doing our job. We want you to enjoy this process and soak up every moment of this special season!

Now, let’s talk about what you should expect and what you should look forward to when booking Leyrē Photography for your wedding! The first thing you should know is we do custom payment plans, when you want and how you want! Your special day is important to us and we want you to have long lasting memories. Here’s some things about our engagement sessions–– this is where we have fun and create some awesome photos of you and your other half! This is a time to represent YOU! We’ll work with you to find a location and to pick a time that’s fit for you.

Next, we have the meetings. Throughout the planning process, we will have three meetings to help us stay on the same page and to make your big day all the more special to you. Our first meeting will happen when you’re ready to book us. This will consist of reviewing the contract, paying the deposit and setting up a custom payment plan. Oh, paper work, I know but don’t worry, it won’t take too long before we get into the exciting stuff! Our second meeting will happen 2-3 months before your wedding day. This is where it gets fun, we get to create a timeline rough draft of your wedding day together! Our third meeting will happen 2-3 weeks before your wedding day. During this meeting, we’ll finalize details and visit the venue if possible! We want you to have a seamless experience!

Now, the time has finally come! All that planning is coming to fruition, we know you’re ready and we are too! To ensure that your day runs smoothly, we will come prepared by studying your vision, bringing backup gear, having an assistant/second photographer and making sure you’re having fun! And since time flies when you’re having fun, we want you to be able to keep all the hype going! We send a one-week sneak peek of the wedding images to YOU! Let’s not forget one of our favorite parts, THE POST! Let’s get those heirlooms on your walls! We have a 4 week turnaround time when it comes to your delivery! We don’t want to have you waiting too long but we do want to keep you on your toes. Our delivery consists of a keepsake box, we give you a wooden USB filled with edited high-resolution, print ready digital files! We also include a few surprises in there too! We want to make the MOST out of your investment and not let those beautiful photographs sit in a drawer. Let’s get them printed! You can create a custom display! Send us a photo of a wall in your house then select your favorite photos from an online gallery. We’ll create different virtual mock ups for you to approve of. On approval you can place your order! We are so excited to work with you! If you’re interested or not so sure, let’s get in touch!

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