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A second wedding photographer is someone who works alongside your main wedding photographer, capturing different angles, separate locations and they help assist with making sure your timeline goes according to the timeline, because we all know that although we plan for things to happen, we can’t plan on everything. Imagine this with me, it’s your wedding day, you’re getting your makeup done with your girls while your photographer is getting small detailed photos of your special memories. This portion of The Wedding Experience really sets the stage for the entire wedding day!

You’re about to get your dress on but your soon to be husband is at a separate location and you’re on a time crunch and you most definitely want photos of him getting ready, as well as yourself. We don’t want you to have to choose and as amazing as your photography may be, your photographer won’t be able to be in two places at once but when you have a second photographer at your wedding, this makes your beautiful day a lot less stressful and way more enjoyable! Even if the two of you aren’t in two different locations, having a second photographer provides coverage from any and all angles! We don’t want to miss ANYTHING on your big day! If your venue is large, you’ll especially want a second photographer. Having a second photographer provides more coverage during your first look, first dance, they make family photos go by so much faster and they can get photos of your guests without missing precious moments of you and your groom! They really can save the day! While your main photographer is getting photos of your guests on the dance floor, the other can grab you and the groom to take beautiful sunset portraits before anyone even realizes you’re gone! And sunset photos are a MUST HAVE!

You can never go wrong with having a backup. A second photographer provides a backup for your main photographer! While they’re switching out SD cards or camera batteries or whatever it may be, there might be something incredible happening that you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life! And having a second photographer can bring another creative unique vision, something you and I would have never imagined possible! And you’ll get to have more photos added to your final gallery!

There’s something so special about being able to capture so much emotion in photos! Our second photographer can capture some photos of your guests while our main photographer captures photos of you and your groom while the ceremony is happening, during your first dance, when you cut your cake, and absolutely any time anything is going on! You can never go wrong with a second photographer. Getting to have a final gallery full of different perspectives is just as incredible as re-living the moment all over again! A second photographer is not required of course but you seriously can never go wrong with having another person photographing your big day!

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