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There are so many reasons to carve out time for sunset photos on your wedding photography timeline. These are the moments you’ll get to keep forever, so close to your heart. The lighting at sunset for golden hour sunset photos makes for a romantic mood and gorgeous color! Florida is full of breathtaking views and even more beautiful sunsets, especially when it’s near an open body of water such as a lake or by the beach but they’re not limited to those at all! Lighting plays a big role in the overall vibe and atmosphere of your wedding, it may seem irrelevant when you first start planning your wedding but it is oh so important! Golden hour provides a unique chance to capture pastel tones in the sky, while the absence of direct sunlight keeps details like your grooms suit and your dress from looking washed out and dark. The natural light from the sunset is the best light you’re going to get all day, with a shorter window to take your portraits, making it all the more special!

Imagine this with me for a minute. You’re front and center with your groom, you just said I do. You have your first kiss as a married couple and everything is complete bliss. You’re walking back down the aisle with your hubby by your side, everyone is screaming and shouting for you both! And the sun is so perfect behind you. Its golden glow creates this beautiful watercolor pink sky behind you, making you look incredible! Everyone’s heading in for cocktail hour and this is your moment. Wedding days go by so fast, it can all become a blur. By the time it’s over, both you and your groom are exhausted and haven’t even had time to really talk to each other because of all the dancing, congratulating, family photos, and toasts! You get to escape from the chaos and take intimate, beautiful sunset photos with your groom. It’s just a few minutes to privately enjoy being newly married. Private moments like these will be memories you’ll look back on and only you two will know what was happening in that moment, making it all the more special. Every couple begins to feel more relaxed by the time sunset photos come around, making it easier to photograph and a lot less awkward when posing!

The great thing about taking sunset photos after your wedding ceremony is that we can explore outside your venue and get creative with where we take photos! We can shoot almost anywhere! During the day, we’re restricted to where we can shoot because the sun is higher in the sky, making the lighting harsh, people are squinting their eyes and there are really weird shadows. And that’s not something we want to hand over to you in your online gallery. NOBODY wants that. We want to capture your dreams! Since weddings can be pretty hectic, adding in an extra 10 to 15 minutes for these sunset photos can ensure that you get the portrait shots you want with your hubby, ALONE!

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