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One of the most exciting things for us is YOUR BIG DAY! No, seriously. We know you’re excited but we’re excited too! This is one of the most beautiful days of your lives and you’ve chosen us to capture a lifetime of memories. While it can be stressful picking your photographer for your big day, it doesn’t have to be. Take into consideration location, venue, the amount of people you’ll be inviting, what style you want represented in each photo-– I’m talking filters or presets. Knowing what style of editing your photographer does is going to help you SO MUCH in deciding who you want photographing your wedding, especially when those photos will be carried on in your family for a lifetime.

So, you’ve picked your photographer– you can breathe now! Your photographer is going to be your best friend at the end of this, trust me. Now that you have your photographer, it’s time for business. Months leading up to your wedding day, you’ll want to meet with your photographer and get them your wedding planner's timeline so that they can also have a photography timeline. This is going to help you in the long run and it’s not a long process AT ALL! You can meet with your photographer monthly, every other month or every three months, it's totally up to you and the company you've hired and what they offer. A timeline is a small overview of your entire wedding day with times and titles to each section, and what you'll be doing on your wedding day. What your job here is is really to approve of what your photographer has listed. Easy and simple– also stress free! Once your timeline is done, we prepare for your big day.

YOUR BIG DAY IS HERE! And since we're so excited, we'll be there at least thirty minutes before so that we can scope out the venue and get familiar with our surroundings. One of the best things for us to do is to have visited the venue beforehand but in some cases, we may not be able to due to travel, the venue, or whatever it may be. And that's completely okay. That just allows us to have an excuse to be early! The photos you receive from us are the most important thing to us, so we want to make sure we get everything– as best as possible! We usually start with your flat lays, since that involves the rings. While you're getting ready, we'll capture some beautiful behind the scenes and pose you for some more natural photos, without the mess and chaos of the night before everywhere, because it's a party when you have your girls with you! The next photos are the bridal party photos! Before you get completely dressed in your gorgeous wedding dress, you and your girls will have time to laugh and hangout while we capture some photos! Next, we're going to get you in your gown! The time has finally come! And then one of our most favorite parts, the first looks with mom and/or dad! This is a more intimate time and since there may be tears, we've left some room for you to have quick touch ups. It's okay if you cry, we'll cover you! While you're doing some touch ups, we'll head over and check on the guys, get some shots of them getting ready, hanging out together and having a blast. Then some sweet ones of just the groom!

By the time we've finished with those photos, it's time for you to walk down the aisle! Oh, how exciting! You finally get to show off that beautiful dress and how incredible you look to everyone in the room– including your soon to be husband! But don't worry, the day isn't just over after you kiss and say I do, there's a party!

After you say I do, we'll take you and you're hubby over for sunset photos and family photos. These make for gorgeous memories, trust me. This part doesn't usually take long unless you have a large family, but if you do, it's totally okay. We've also left some time for you and your new hubby to be alone before dinner and dancing. Your day is important to us because it's important to you!

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