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Quick Tips for Stress-Free Family Photos

Call us biased but we think family photos are one of the best investments you could make! Everyone deserves to have high-quality photographs of their precious family, especially as their children grow up. And they do grow up so fast.

A lot of effort goes into family photos, especially when there are young ones involved! Even after you've picked the perfect outfits and scheduled for the best time of day, there's no telling what'll happen when it comes down to the shoot.

As we begin to book this year's Fall family sessions, we want to share a few tricks up our sleeves that we wanted to share to make family photos as stress-free as possible.


When at all possible, plan family photos around your kids' normal routines. If your Little naps around eleven or noon, chances are you're not going to want to schedule family photos at the same time. If you do, don't be all that surprised if they aren't participating with 100% cooperation.

On the flip side, let's say you're going for sunset photos but it backs right up into the usual bedtime routine time timeframe. Perhaps you could plan to attempt a later than usual nap time that day.

This is something you'll want to discuss with your photographer. Consider the most ideal light and time for your session and how this might align with your family's schedule.

PICK-A-PRIZE Having a special treat for after photos- whether it's a favorite goodie, snack, or a new toy- can help kids stay motivated during the photos. Hit up the dollar section at Target the day before or pack a handful of different "rewards" or "prizes" to choose from after the session is done. If you want to call it a "bribe", we're not going to judge you.


Instead of a certain item as a reward, focus on an experience. Plan to have one of your family's favorite meals for dinner that evening or go grab a bite to eat at everyone's favorite spot after the session. That way you don't have to worry about cooking after family photos! You might go grab ice cream together afterward! Having a fun family experience after photos are done can be a real treat!


Let's face it- kids don't always want to do the thing they have to do; kids usually want to choose for themselves. As parents, our job is oftentimes to make choices for our children, but we can also foster independence when we have a chance to allow them to take part in those choices when appropriate. And family photos are a great time to invite your kids to participate.

Invite your kids to pick a second outfit. Ask if they have a funny face or a certain photo they really want to be taken. Let them know that you are excited about the session and expect it to be fun! By doing so, you'll influence your kids to see it more as an invitation and choice to have fun together, as opposed to photos being something they have to do.


One thing we've learned about while working with younger members of the family is that, sometimes, things just happen. Be sure to come prepared by having things like a change of clothes, tissues, and wet wipes (for those sticky faces and hands). Check out this blog post for five must-haves for family photo sessions.

DON'T STRESS & HAVE FUN When we're stressed out, it doesn't take long for kids to pick up on our vibes. The more relaxed you are, the more likely your kid(s) will feel relaxed for photos too. Kids love to have fun with their parents. Chances are, if you're having fun, they'll be more likely to join in!

We hope these tips give you ideas for alleviating any stress about planning for your family photos. While things might not go exactly as you plan (with kids, you just never know!), we wanted you to know that it's possible to have fun during the process!

Haven't booked your Fall session yet? We got you!

Send us a message here and let's book a spot on the calendar! We're filling up quickly this year!

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